Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Decision to Texlax

So much has happened since my last post in September!  I made the decision to transition from relaxed to texlaxed.  I had been pondering for a while if I would make the transition...but this all came to be by mistake.  My first attempt at self relaxing (in a few years) was in Spetmeber and because I am soooo paranoid about over processing my hair I rinsed my Phyto relaxer too soon. What I got was still wavy ( but much looser pattern) roots that were very soft and manageable.  I decided then no more bone straight hair!

For those of you that do not know what texlaxing is still relaxing, but the chemicals are left on for a shorter period of time to purposely under-process the hair.  This way more peptide bonds are left in tact and the curl pattern is loosened up a bit, not completely taken out.  I made this decision because it will leave me with stronger hair, allow me more versatility with styling (wear curly or straight), and it will allow me to have much thicker hair.  I will not have to worry so much about over-processing in an attempt to get it bone straight...all in all I think is the best decision I have made for my hair besides the decision to start this healthy hair journey.

A great side to this is discovering that my natural texture is so beautiful.  I love the wave pattern!  I still want to texlax rather than go all natural because I want to enjoy the length with looser elongated curls and allow for easier manageability.  The picture below is the top view of my hair after a co-wash and I am about 9 week post. There is also about 3 months of previously texlaxed hair in there too : ) I am still using my PhytoSpecific relaxer to texlax. Will texlax again around Christmas....6 month progress pics will be posted then, how exciting!

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